ascension Coaching

Ascension means raising our vibration to the level of Light. Our planet, Mother Earth, is ascending, and so is Humanity (whether you want it or not, it is still happening). Coaching sessions help people to understand how it applies to them and their circumstances, how to raise their vibrational frequency, and how to ride the tide more smoothly.

Practitioners Offering This Service:  Reverend Lucy Frances 

couples Reiki

Want a fresh new idea for a date? Bring your partner/date for the ultimate in a date experience, table time for two! Share the experience first hand with each other as you take turns soaking up the energies together. (Please see the description of a Reiki Session with Reverend Lucy for a fuller description of a Couples session)

Practitioners Offering This Service:  Reverend Lucy Frances 

Emotional Cord Cutting

This modality, often part of a Reiki session, frees you from unwanted attachments and strengthens the positive connections in your life. As we live our lives we create emotional attachments between family, friends, co-workers, clients and current and past intimate relationships. Actual energetic cords are created between you and any other person(s) with whom you have emotional connections. Having an emotional cord cutting can help you feel rejuvenated by disconnecting that cord and keeping your energy yours.

Practitioner Offering This Service:   Reverend Lucy Frances


At Spiritual Horizons, we have created a portal (tabernacle) that allows us to access at least two levels of heaven. The first level is where our souls reside between incarnations. This is where our souls learn, grow, and prepare for their next incarnation. The second level is through the clouds of heaven, past the chasm gates, adjacent to the face of God. This is our souls destination, reunification with God. Come stand in our tabernacle and allow your soul to return home.

Practitioner Offering This Service:   Richard Googins


Experience the luxurious tones and healing energies of crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, toning with the human voice, and various other instruments in a bath of sound, as Reverend Lucy follows her Divine guidance to customize each session to meet the spiritual well-being of each individual. Allow your mind and body to relax as you enhance your mood, soothe your soul, improve mental and emotional clarity, cleanse and balance your chakras, and stimulate your immune system.

Practitioner Offering This Service:   Reverend Lucy Frances


Matrix Energetics® is like acupuncture without the needles in that we are able to transform and redirect the life force energies within the body in order to promote a sense of well-being.

Practitioner Offering This Service:   Richard Googins

ORACLE Card Readings

Using an intuitively guided card deck, we select cards from that deck to paint an image of the messages you will receive.  Using both the card information, as well as intuitive message that come from spirit, readings help bring to the forefront what is most helpful for you to hear. This can be as a general reading or can be regarding a specific topic. Come in an open state and allow yourself to receive Divine guidance!

Practitioners Offering This Service:   Reverend Lucy Frances


Pranic Healing for Emotional and Physical Wellbeing starts with a thorough aura cleansing followed by selected chakra cleansing and energizing. We use specific protocols defined by the issue the client presents. Pranic Healing is not a substitute for regular medical diagnostics and prescriptions, yet it is complementary to standard medical practice.

Practitioner Offering This Service:   Richard Googins


The word reiki is made of two Japanese words. Rei which means “Universal” and Ki which is “Life Force Energy.” So Reiki is “Spiritually guided Life Force Energy.” Reiki is a type of energy healing and a form of spiritual practice, used as a complementary healing modality, for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual conditions.

Reiki is best held in a peaceful setting, but it can be carried out anywhere.  The recipient will sit in a comfortable chair or lie on a table, fully clothed. There may or may not be music, depending on the recipient’s preference. The practitioner places their hands lightly on or over specific areas of the head, limbs, and torso using different hand shapes, for several minutes.The hands can be placed over 20 different areas of the body. If there is a particular injury, such as a burn, the hands may be held just above the wound.

While the practitioner holds their hands lightly on or over the body, the transfer of energy takes place. During this time, the practitioner’s hands may be warm and tingling. Each hand position is held until the practitioner senses that the energy has stopped flowing. When the practitioner feels that the heat, or energy, in their hands has abated, they will remove their hands and may place them over a different area of the body.

Reiki can accelerate self-healing, bring emotional clarity and spiritual growth, reduce depression and anxiety, facilitate detoxification in the body, help strengthen the immune system, boost energy reserves and promote a sense of well-being, help to relieve stress, heighten self-awareness, improve sleep, etc.

Practitioners Offering This Service:  Reverend Lucy Frances


C’mon in and talk with Reverend Lucy, who has 30 years of experience providing Professional Counseling. She is specifically trained and experienced with Holistic, Wellness and Spiritual perspectives on Grief/Bereavement, Anxiety/Stress, Depression, Relationships, and Life Transitions. Let’s find you some solutions and soul-utions!

Practitioner Offering This Service:   Reverend Lucy Frances


I like to meet with couples at least twice before officiating at their wedding. I enjoy meeting the happy couple and getting to know them prior to the ceremony, giving them guidance as it seems appropriate, and individually creating their vows together.

Practitioner Offering This Service:   Reverend Lucy Frances