Who We Are

Lucy Frances

Lucy is an Ordained Priestess in the Order of Melchizedek, an ancient Service order dedicated to teaching the way of Unconditional Love.

She is a Certified and Registered Usui, Karuna, Interdimensional, Holy Fire ® III, and World Peace Reiki Master Teacher, a 12th Ray Inter-Dimensional Healing Master, a Conscious Channel of Divine Guidance, and a Certified Angel Intuitive.

Lucy has 35+ years of experience in Counseling and the healing professions, with two degrees, a BA in Psychology and a MA in Counseling. She studied directly with Albert Ellis, widely considered one of the most influential psychologists of the 20th century, at the Albert Ellis Institute in New York City.

She now incorporates Spirituality into her practice with Reiki, Crystals, Essential Oils, Crystal Bowls and Tuning Forks, Pranic Healing concepts, Angelic and Ascended Master guidance, Manifestation principles, ZEB (Zero Energy Balancing) technology, Hypnotherapy, and Meditation to support the healing process.

A World Peace Ambassador for the Divine, Reverend Lucy travels extensively; teaching, healing, holding ceremony, and spreading the frequencies of Love wherever she goes.

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Richard Googins

Richard is a former educator who after teaching with the Ohio Department of Youth Services became a consultant with the Ohio Department of Education, focusing on school improvement and student engagement.

Richard discovered Pranic Healing and has been practicing energy healing since the year 2000. He began practicing Matrix Energetics before being trained and enrolled in all of the classes and has been a practitioner since 2005. Since joining Spiritual Horizons, became a Usui Holy Fire Reiki practitioner.

In addition, Richard is trained to access the Heaven Light and anchor it to the earth so that all beings will have their souls activated.

Spirit has guided him to develop new modalities combining all four practices to facilitate advanced healing for spiritual growth. The new modalities include Divine Light Ascension, Divine Light Infusions, and High Frequency Healing.

Richard anchors Heaven Light to Earth via the tabernacles, to allow direct access to Heaven. When in the Heaven Light one can experience directly the purest Love of God, with none of the Earthly filters that so often seem to block our connection to God Source.

As an Ordained Priest in the Order of Melchizedek, Richard is a powerful channel for Divine Light and Love.

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