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Serpent Mound Experience Tour

July 23 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Serpent Mound
Serpent Mound is an internationally known National Historic Landmark built by the ancient American Indian cultures of Ohio.
It is an effigy mound (a mound in the shape of an animal) representing a snake with a curled tail, and it is the largest serpent effigy mound in the world.
Nearby are three other mounds—two created by the Adena culture (800 B.C.–A.D. 100), and one by the Fort Ancient culture (A.D. 1000–1650). Thousands of years ago, Native Ohioans populated the landscape with mounds and massive earthworks.
In the late 19th century, Harvard University archaeologist Frederic Ward Putnam excavated Serpent Mound, but he found no artifacts in the Serpent that might allow archaeologists to assign it to a particular culture. Based largely on the nearby presence of Adena burial mounds, later archaeologists attributed the effigy to the Adena culture that flourished from 800 B.C. to A.D. 100.
This theory on the site’s origin was accepted until a 1991 site excavation used radiocarbon dating to determine that the mound was approximately 900 years old. This would suggest that the builders of the Serpent belonged to the Fort Ancient culture (A.D. 1000–1500).
In 2014, another team of archaeologists presented new radiocarbon dates for the Serpent suggesting that it was built by the Adena culture at around 300 B.C. More work is needed to clarify the age of Serpent Mound for the researchers, yet my guides say it was built by the older Adena culture.
The significance of Serpent Mound and other ancient Ohio earthworks has garnered international attention. In 2008, Serpent Mound and eight other Ohio American Indian earthworks were selected by the United States Department of the Interior for inclusion on the United States’ List of sites to be submitted to the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for inscription on the prestigious World Heritage List. We will know if it is included in 2023!
Conforming to the curve of the land on which it rests, with its head approaching a cliff above a stream, the serpent winds back and forth for more than eight hundred feet and seven coils, and ends in a triple-coiled tail. The serpent head has an open mouth extending around the east end of a 120-foot (37 m)-long hollow oval feature. Scholars posit that the oval feature symbolizes an egg, the sun, the body of a frog, or merely the remnant of a platform. There are also serpent effigies located in Scotland and Ontario that are very similar.
The site is owned by the state, through the Ohio Historical Society, but is operated by Arc of Appalachia Preserve System volunteers. There is a small museum and visitor’s center, open in the warmer months. A modern metal tower stands to one side allowing a visitor to see an overview. A paved walkway allows you to walk around the effigy. www.ohiohistory.org
The Tour
Join Reverend Lucy on this day trip to the Serpent Mound in Peebles, Ohio!
We will meet at Spiritual Horizons in Delaware, Ohio at 9:00 am and drive together to the Serpent Mound. We will spend the afternoon connecting with ancient Native American and Earth energies.
Come on this tour to explore the mound, learn about it’s history, feel it’s powerful juju, participate in an Earth Honoring ceremony, connect with nature, and meet new souls.
It is a two hour drive to the mound. You might want to pack a sack lunch, maybe bring extra food to share, with a blanket or folding chair, crystals, and an open heart.
$50.00 (includes transportation and ceremony)
Please register through Eventbrite:
or you can call/text Reverend Lucy directly, at 740-272-2560.
* Registration ends 48 hours prior to the tour starting *


July 23
9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Reverend Lucy Frances


Spiritual Horizons
230 North Sandusky Street
Delaware, OH 43015 United States
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