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Reverend Lucy is an Ordained Priestess in the Order of Melchizedek, an ancient Service order dedicated to teaching the way of Unconditional Love. She is an Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher, a Karuna ® Reiki Master Teacher, a 12th Ray Inter-Dimensional Healing Reiki Master Teacher, a Holy Fire III ® Reiki Master Teacher, a World Peace ® Reiki Master Teacher, and a Certified Angel Intuitive. Lucy has 35+ years of experience in the healing professions, with two degrees, a BA in Psychology and a MA in Counseling.

She studied directly with Albert Ellis, widely considered one of the most influential psychologists of the 20th century, at the Albert Ellis Institute in New York City.

Seamlessly blending her education and wealth of experience with the spiritual/metaphysical realms, she also uses Essential Oils, Channeled Toning and Sound, Pranic Healing concepts, ZEB (ZeroEnergy Balancing) technology and Hypnotherapy to support the healing process.

By identifying and releasing old patterns of thought, words, feelings, actions and core beliefs, she helps people free themselves from their earthly density to step more Lovingly into their Golden Lightbody and spiritual path.

A World Peace Ambassador for the Divine, Reverend Lucy travels extensively; teaching, healing, holding ceremony, and spreading the frequencies of Love wherever she goes.

Call or Text (740) 272-2560 or Email me at ReverendLucyFrances@gmail.com!

Groups and Classes Offered:  Celebration of Saint Lucy’s Day and a Bringing of the Light Ceremony    |    Full Moon Cleansing Ceremony for Completion    |    Manifestation 101    |    Meditation with Mandalas    |    New Moon Manifestation Circle and Ceremony    |    Spiritual Apprenticeship Program    |    Spiritual Growth Through Food    |    Spiritual Practices: Using Fire    |    The Art of Divine Co-Creation    |    Using Food to Balance the Chakras

Services Offered:  Ascension Coaching    |    Aura Cleanse    |    Blessings    |    Chakra Balancing    |    Cord Cutting    |    Counseling    |    Crystal Healing    |    Earth Energy Healing    |    Grounding    |    Hypnotherapy    |    Oracle Card Readings    |    Recovery Services    |    Reiki    |    Sound Bath    |    Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls or Tuning Forks    |    Spiritual Experience Travel    |    Weddings

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