About Spiritual Horizons

230 N Sandusky Street, Delaware, OH 43015 

Phone:  (740) 272 – 2560

Our mission is to be a safe, sacred space, to explore, and learn, and grow, and to embody each individual’s Divinely unique expression of Love, God, and Source.

It’s a place where people can safely and joyfully explore what Spirituality means to them and how it is expressed in day-to-day Life!

This is a place of Freedom, Peace, and Non-Judgment.  We are creating a space to share, letting others envelop what they are, so they may try new spiritual practices to see if it appeals or if it helps their growth, it opens their heart, it broadens their joy, it brings more love, it enhances their knowledge, and develops their feeling.

We practice Love and Joy on the Spiritual plane.  Feel free to come in and be broadened, to open your heart, your mind, about what it is that goes on inside of you.


Mission and Principles Statement

Humanity is evolving and a New Golden Era is emerging on planet Earth …

            WE ARE developing more Compassion for ourselves, and others, as care, concern, tenderness, gentleness, respect, and kindness are becoming the norm. 

            WE ARE coming out of our individual corners and joining together with others in Collaboration on new projects, forming more partnerships, associations, and alliances to work together for the highest good of all. 

            WE ARE finding more Cooperation when we interact with each other, and feeling the welcoming synergy of mutual support, participation, contribution, and being helpful. 

            WE ARE becoming more harmonious in our Communication, as we become braver when feeling vulnerable during sharing, we become clearer in what we wish to express, and we listen more from our hearts. 

            WE ARE allowing ourselves the freedom to express our imagination through Creativity

            WE ARE coming together in Community, as we share our time and resources with each other.

Spiritual Horizons is a Spiritual Center anchoring the energy of these qualities into this part of the planet, to assist with the emergence of the New Golden Era.  We are forming a Community, a community of Love and Light, as a visible manifestation of a New Earth.  Our Mission is to embody these qualities as best we can, knowing we are not yet complete, so being patient with our own progress.  Our Mission also includes assisting others with embodying these qualities for themselves, for as the energies shift, our way of living shifts. 

We seek to express the Love that we are by accepting responsibility of ourselves, our joy, and our health.  We are aware of our impact on our environment, so we actively recycle, compost, and dispose of trash accordingly.  We are aware that everyone is on their own individual path, and most are at different points on their path, so diversity is seen as the norm and embraced.  When we interact with others, we approach them with an Open-Heart, a kind manner, a respectful tone.

In general, our “mission” is about being an active, supportive, kind member of the Community and the World.  BE-ing is about how it feels instinctively “right” to show up in the world everyday.


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